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Call for Artists

Exhibition on the theme of Peace and Freedom

We are pleased to invite artists to participate in a group exhibition on the theme of Peace and Freedom. This exhibition will take place from 15/11/2024 to 12/12/2024 at 38 rue Roquelaine, Toulouse, in the premises of the association Samba Résille), and aims to explore and celebrate these universal values through various art forms. This exhibition will be followed by a solidarity auction to benefit Anna Pankratova's painting workshop in Oleksandria, Ukraine, for the purchase of creative materials; this workshop welcomes some fifty children and teenagers and continues to operate despite the war, as well as to the Free Ukraine association for the purchase of medical equipment.Entry criteria :- Theme: Works must be inspired by the concepts of peace and freedom. This may include, but is not limited to, interpretations of inner peace, world peace, personal freedom, freedom of expression, etc.- Accepted media: Painting, sculpture, photography, digital art, performance, and any other form of artistic expression.- Originality: Works must be original and created by the artist.

- Size of works: There are no size restrictions, but artists must take into account the available exhibition space and indicate the exact dimensions of their works

.- In view of the charitable nature of the exhibition, works cannot be purchased by the association; a refund of shipping costs may be made, as well as the return of works.

Applications:Interested artists must submit their application before 09/15/2024. Each application must include:1.

A Portfolio: Showcasing a representative sample of your work (minimum 5 works).

2. Project Description: A text explaining your concept and how your work relates to the theme of peace and freedom (max 500 words).

3. Technical details: Size, medium, year of creation and any relevant technical information on each work proposed.

4. Artist's Biography: Including your artistic background and full contact details (address, telephone, email).Selection of works:Works will be selected by a committee composed of art world professionals and representatives of the organizing body. Selection criteria will include originality, relevance to the theme, and artistic quality.Further information :

- Notification of Selected Artists: Selected artists will be notified by email before 01/10/2024.- Vernissage/Auction: A vernissage/auction will take place on 12/12/2024, offering a unique opportunity to meet other artists and exchange ideas with the public.- Entry requirements: Selected works must be delivered to 15 rue Amélie, 31000 Toulouse, no later than 01/11/2024.- To apply and for any further information, please send an e-mail to look forward to seeing your creations and celebrating peace and freedom through art.




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